Thursday, April 7, 2016



Too Much Weight

            Last Thursday morning passenger train NO. 20 from Kinston was derailed and wrecked 2 miles south of Grifton. It was caused by the track spreading, perhaps, owing to recent rains. Engine and tender, baggage car and second-class car went  off the track. The first class coach went down an embankment ten or fifteen feet. Several passengers were in it and it is almost miraculous that all escaped unhurt save a few bruises. Extra trains were made up and run during the day.
             Will Russ accounts for the turning over of the first-class coach in the derailment this way. He says: "There was a fat lady on one side of the coach and I happened to step across to speak to her when the whole thing turned right over."  There is some weight in this.

This is a circus train that wrecked in Nevada in 1893.
Taken from History Hwy. 49 website:

[Taken from The Wilson Advance (Wilson, NC) 3 Sep 1891]

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