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            The dome of the capitol has been painted white. [This probably means inside, as the roof of the dome is copper.]

This view of the Capitol's western facade dates to the 1880s. The picture is taken from
the website "Goodnight Raleigh," at
           The Raleigh street car lines are being extended.
            A tribe of wild Indians is promised at Rocky Mount [Edgecombe County] Fair.
            In and around New Berne [Craven County] are forty manufacturers employing 500 hands.
            The political news from Nash is of a cheering character. It is believed that the entire Democratic ticket will receive majorities varying from 50 to 300.
            Track laying has begun on the Durham end of the Durham-Henderson [Vance County] railway—the Durham and Northern, as it is called. Some twenty miles of the Henderson end have been built.
            The laying of iron on the Scotland Neck [Halifax County] and Greenville [Pitt County] road has reached Goose Nest* [Martin County], about three miles from the Williamston [Martin County] and the trestles are nearly all finished. Contracts have been made for the grading of the road to Greenville and we learn that it is the intention of the Atlantic Coast Line to complete the road to the latter place at as early a date as possible. The distance is about twenty-three miles.
            Work on the Chowan and Southern road is progressing very rapidly. The contract for the bridge across Roanoke river has been made and work is now being done preparatory to building the piers. Great trees are being driven down in the bed of the river for foundations. One hundred mules have been taken down to Mr. Alexander’s farm near Palmyra [Halifax County] and will be used in building the embankment on this side of the river. A large number of hands is also employed. They have gone into camp and expect to remain in camp six months.

* A Union soldier on a raid gave Goose Nest its name. It became Conoho in 1891 and Oak City in 1905.

[Taken from The Advertiser, (Wilson, NC) 27 Sep 1888]

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