Sunday, August 2, 2020

Every Town Has

A liar.
A sponger.
A smart Aleck.
A blatherskite.
Its richest man.
Some pretty girls.
A girl who giggles.
A weather profet.
A neighborhood feud.
Half a dozen lunatics.
A woman who tattles.
A man who knows it all.
One jacksonian Democrat.
More loafers than it needs.
Men who see every dog fight.
A boy who cuts up in church.
A few meddlesome old women.
A "thing" that stares at women.
A stock law that is not enforced.
A widower who is too gay for his age.
Some men who make remarks about women.
A preacher who thinks he ought to run the town.
A few who know how to run the affairs of the country.
A grown young man who laughs every time he says anything.
A girl who goes to the post-office every time the mail comes.
Men who had rather shed blood than be corrected in an error.
A legion of smart Alecks who can tell the editor how to run his paper.
Scores of men with the caboose of their trousers worn smooth as glass.
A man who grins when you talk and laughs out loud after he has said something.

All towns are blessed with the above to a greater or less extent. You can amuse yourself filling in the blanks for your town.

[Murfreesboro Index (Murfreesboro, NC) 24 Jan 1896]
Joseph Hewes Remembrance

     Mr. Minton H. Dixon, of Edenton (Chowan County), has caused to be placed in the outside wall of his new and elegant brick store, corner of Main and King streets in that town, a marble tablet with the inscription "Joseph Hew[e]s, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, owned and occupied this business site for many years." —Elizabeth City Falcon

"Joseph Hewes." N.C. Highway Historical Marker A-4, N.C. Office of Archives & History.
Joseph Hewes
[Picture taken from NCPedia at]

[Murfreesboro Index (Murfreesboro (Hertford County), NC) 29 Apr 1887]

 (Joseph Hewes came to Edenton, NC in 1755 and soon entered into a partnership to form the firm of Blount, Hewes and Company.)