Thursday, March 5, 2020


Sources of  Annoyance and Even Danger to Passersby, the Board Passed and Ordinance Monday Night Forbidding Children to Play These Games on the Street

     An ordinance has been passed by the aldermen prohibiting "snowballing" on the streets of Elizabeth City, also the game of "shindy" is prohibited by the same ordinance.
     The ordinance prohibiting snowballing came is as a result of some of last Sunday's capers of the boys and girls. They thronged the streets pretty much all day and pelted every pedestrian that came along. These young people did not seem to have any respect for age or anything else, but plied their sport to the discomfiture of the people who walked the streets.
School boys throwing snowballs.
Wellcome Collection
     The game of "shindy"* is a great favorite among the small boys and it's a dangerous one too. The wonder of it is that a dozen legs have not already been broken. The ordinance, if it is enforced, will be a great relief to parents.

*a game similar to field hockey

[Taken from The Advance (Elizabeth City,
Pasquotank County, NC) 12 Jan 1912]


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