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            This band was out serenading Saturday night, but owing to the fact of their playing at the entertainment at Harden’s Hall and subsequently for a short dance at the American House, could not play but two pieces at each house they visited, not wishing to encroach on the Sabbath. It lacked but a few minutes to 12 when they finished at the last house they serenaded and consequently could not play at other houses. Sunday afternoon some of the members of the band playing the dead march, marched down Main street headed by Reverend Johnson for the purpose of conveying the body of one of their number to the boat, the members acting as pall bearers. Monday morning they were up before day playing around town and on their way to the river. We heard their music some time after the boat left the wharf. The boys expressed themselves as highly pleased with their trip and as sorry to leave.
            This band is one of the oldest bands in the State, but only one or two of the old members are in the present band, and under the leadership of Prof. L. F. Ziegler, is now recognized as one of the best in eastern North Carolina.

[Taken from Windsor Ledger (Windsor, NC), 5 Oct 1887, Page 3]

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