Monday, July 18, 2016

$25.00 REWARD.

            On last Saturday morning, Mr. P. J. Turnbull informed me that my sow had caught two of his chickens. I at once had the sow confined in a lot near my store, where the chickens could not get to her.
            Saturday night between midnight and day she was shot and killed, from seven little pigs, only about one week old. The sow was six and a half years old, had raised one hundred and sixty-three pigs, averaging more than one hundred pounds each; and at the time she was killed, would have weighed at least 225 pounds.
            (What encouragement has a man to try to raise his meat at home?)
            The person who did this most cowardly act wore a No. 7 shoe.
            I will pay $25.00 for information leading to the guilty party.
Toisnot N.C.

[The Sunny Home (Toisnot, Wilson Co., NC) 15 Jul 1881]

Poor Mama. Never done!
From the website Confessions of a Crazed Catlewoman