Monday, May 23, 2016

Military Notice.

            The commissioned officers of the Atlantic Guards*, Camden Guards and Pasquotank R. & R. L. Dragoons**, are hereby ordered to attend a Court Martial of the Regiment, at Elizabeth City, on Tuesday the 23d April next, equipped as the law directs. All persons having business before the said body are hereby ordered to attend, as judgment final will be entered up against all that were fined ni si at the last Court Martial, without they attend and offer such an excuse as will be accepted by the Court Martial.

By order of the Col.       
WM. E. MANN Adj’t.
March 9th 1850

* The Atlantic Guards were authorized as a corps of cavalry in the militia of Currituck county on Jan. 15, 1847. The commander was Tully L. Dozier.
**R.  & R. L. Dragoons were the “Rough and Ready Light Dragoons.” This corps of cavalry was authorized by the North Carolina General Assembly as part of the Pasquotank militia on 16th of January, 1847. 

[Taken from The Old North State (Elizabeth City, NC) 9 Mar 1850]

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