Sunday, May 22, 2016


            The Fall Term of Chowan superior Court, Judge Graves presiding, was opened on Monday. Mr. J. M. Forehand was sworn as foreman of the grand jury.
            The case of Richard Holley charged with careless driving upon a public road and, in consequence, running into the buggy of Dr. R. H. Wiinborn, was one of some importance, in that, it was calculated to teach the uninformed that the highway, although public, does not belong exclusively to the fastest horse or the biggest conveyance. Every man has rights upon the road which every other man is bound to respect. Upon a verdict of guilty, the Judge imposed a fine of $5.00 and cost.

[Fisherman and Farmer (Edenton, NC) 7 Oct 1887]

From Raleigh Christian Advocate [Raleigh, NC] 9 Nov 1887

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