Monday, February 15, 2010

Tried to Wreck Nashville Train

Some scoundrel or scoundrels made another effort to wreck passenger train No. 76 on Wednesday evening at the trestle about one mile below the Nashville [Nash County, North Carolina] depot by fastening a piece of iron on the track. Fortunately for passengers, crew and all the piece of iron was large enough for the "cowcatcher" to strike it, and thus a terrible wreck was averted. Had not this been done the whole train would have been thrown into the ravine below and twenty lives lost besides total destruction of cars and other properties. It was only a short while ago that a switch was thrown open between here and Spring Hope and a wreck occurred. We are authorized by the Atlantic Coast Line Co. that it will pay a reward of one hundred dollars for the capture of the party or parties who put this obstruction on the track Wednesday evening and for evidence that will convict. Such acts of diabolism should be ferreted out and the scoundrels caught and then summary punishment meted out to the guilty.

[Nashville Graphic, Nashville, NC, Jan. 21, 1909. The Connector, newsletter of the Tar River Connections Genealogical Society, Summer 2002.]

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