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Hardy Robinson
          Hardy Robinson of Pitt County, NC applied for a Revolutionary War pension on November 3, 1818. In his application, he gave an account of his service.
            Robinson enlisted in Bertie County and joined a company commanded by Capt. Redding Blount of the 10th Regiment of NC on July 20, 1778. He served until July 5, 1779 when he was discharged at Halifax, NC.
            Hardy Robinson was not in battle during the war. Instead, he spent much of the time working on a Fort at West Point.
            At the time of his application Hardy Robinson was in reduced circumstances and the following is a schedule of his property.
     one Horse bridle & saddle $70
     One pair of scissors $0.10
     One Cow & calf $15
     two chunk Bottles $0.20
     One Sow and Eight Shotes Seven or eight months old $8
     A ½ doz. Knives & forks $0.40
     one wheel and cards $1
     Two Benches one Small pot $0.50
     Fifteen Dollars owing $15.00
     one dutch oven $1.25
     one Axe $1
     one skillet $.50
     Two weeding hoes $1
     Two Cutter plows $2
     Two Baskets $0.50
     one scouter plow $0.75
     Corn standing in the field say about 20 barrels out of which $40 Rent is to be paid $5
     one shovel plow $0.75
     ½ Barrel flour $1.50
     one gimblet
Gimblet - Hand Drill
Taken from Etsy:

     15 or 20 lbs of salted Beef $0.50   
      half Dozen spoons $0.25
     half dozen earthen plates $0.25
     1 Pail 1 Piggin $0.50
Piggin - a small wooden pail with one stave extended upward as a handle
From Merriam-Webster Dictionary
      I certify that the above Schedule contains a true account of the whole of my property of every description.
S/ Hardy Robinson, X his mark
[Taken from Southern Campaigns Revolutionary War Pension Statements at]

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