Friday, December 22, 2017


A Mill Town Depression Story

         Ambrose, needing a haircut badly and knowing he did not have the money to pay for it, decided to approach the barber, Albert "Abe" Thompson, with a novel payment idea.
     "Hey, Abe, would you cut my hair for a cabbage?" Ambrose asked, holding out the best cabbage he could find from his garden.
    "Sure, I can do that," Abe replied. 
     "Thanks, Abe," Ambrose said as he was walking out the door after the cut job.
     "Wait a minute." Abe stopped him. "You forgot your change." 
     Ambrose turned with a puzzled look and Abe handed him a cucumber and a squash.

Image taken from the Stumptown Blogger, "Great Kodak Moments of Barber Shop Past"
(This story was told by Kermit Paris, son of Ambrose. Both men worked for Rocky Mount Mills in Rocky Mount, NC.)

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