Saturday, September 3, 2016

Choose Me, Mr. President!

     IN the grand Democratic celebration in Washington city, on Thursday last, a carriage filled with ladies from North Carolina joined the procession, who had inscribed upon their banner:


Pennsylvania gave her a President;
 she owes him a wife.
 Let the Union be cemented.”

            The above we take from an exchange. These are not the only ladies from North Carolina who are after the hand and heart of the President elect (James Buchanan, who never married). We know of a bevy of ugly old maids on Currituck banks, who held a Convention, and unanimously agreed to use their influence with their male relatives to vote for Mr. Buchanan so that they might go on to Washington to try to catch this distinguished fish, but taking advantage of leap year.
            Go it, old gals! Nothing like trying.
James Buchanan (1859) by George Healy
as seen in the National Portrait Gallery in Washingrton, DC

[Weekly Raleigh Register (Raleigh, NC) 24 Dec 1856]

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