Tuesday, June 28, 2016

            AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT. —On last Wednesday night a serious automobile accident occurred on Roanoke Avenue between Rosemary and Roanoke Rapids. The Ford car, owned by L. G. Shell, and occupied by Starkes and Eury, Starkes driving, ran into the two horse team of Mr. Short, injuring one of the horses so badly it had to be shot. Eury and Starkes state that the car was not being driving over fifteen miles an hour and the collision was due to the efforts of both teams to pass each other. The car sustained several injuries, the windshield being broken, a lamp knocked off and radiator bent up badly. —Roanoke Rapids Herald. 

[The Roanoke News (Weldon, NC) 5 Nov 1914, Page 3]

1914 Ford Model T

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