Thursday, February 25, 2016

N O T I C E .

     Thanking my many friends for their kind patronage since I have been in the Livery and Sale business, I ask a continuance of the same. Over a year ago I purchased from Mr. Joe Skittletharpe his livery, trade and good will in this place. I have served my friends and the people faithfully by square and honest dealings.
     My business has at all times my personal supervision; my stables are nicely situated on Main street nearest hotels and boarding houses. They are not a "Palace," but nicely kept with comfortable box stalls and are free from dangers of fire. My horses are no through-bred, but are reliable, prompt drivers, with head always up and heels always down. My buggies and wagons are nice and comfortable.
     I respectfully solicit a continuance and large share of the public patronage by square, honest dealings and not by blowing and misrepresentation.
     My prices shall be as low as any one elses. My business is run by myself and polite, social drivers, well acquainted with this whole section and all the merchants at every point, and not by street bummers to falsely represent and delude the traveling public. My horses, buggies and prices will speak for themselves. I am receiving new horses every week and will keep 20 or 30 head of horses and mules during the coming season for sale for cash or on time.
     I am making arrangements to keep a buggy and harness depot. Can sell top buggies at $57.50 open buggies for $32.00.
     Call and examine stock before going else where is all I ask.

Respectfully, B. F. Owens, Agt.

[Roanoke Beacon Newspaper (Plymouth, NC), August 2, 1889 Page 3]

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