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          The following points can now be reached over the lines of this company:

Ashville,        N. C.                                     Atlanta, Ga.
Charlotte,                                                Baltimore, Md.
Beaufort,                                          Chattanooga, Tenn.
Durham,                                               Charleston, S. C.
Enfield,                                                   Chase City, Va.
Goldsboro,                                                   Chicago, Ill.
Greensboro,                                            Cincinnati, Ohio
Henderson,                                               Columbia, S. C.
Littleton,                                                       Danville, Va.
Louisburg,                                                 Lynchburg, Va.
New Berne,                                              Nashville, Tenn.
Oxford,                                                    New York, N. Y.
Raleigh,                                                   New Orleans, La.
Rocky Mt.,                                                      Norfolk, Va.
Warrenton,                                                  Petersburg, Va.
Weldon,                                                   Philadelphia, Pa.
Wilmington,                                               Richmond, Va.
Winston,                                                       St. Louis, Mo.

          And all other important and intermediate points east of the Mississippi River.

                                                             F. C. TOEPLEMAN,
                                                                        Gen. Manager

[The Eastern Reflector, Pitt County, North Carolina: July 12, 1904]

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  1. I believe that these two old phones you featured here are a witness of a rich history in your home place...