Monday, February 20, 2012

Distressing Occurrence.

    "A most distressing occurrence took place in Hadnots, Carteret county, N. C. on Sunday 23 ult. A Mr. Wilson Chance, having previously discovered a bee tree, took his son Henry, and three half brothers, Stanly and Isaiah, and James Mahley, to cut down for the purpose of hiving the bees. While taking out the honey, Isaiah, James, and Henry ate of it. On the way home, his son Henry became blind and sick. Isaiah was taken in a similar manner, and in his blindness wandered out of the path. James having eaten a small piece of the bread, as it is called, on his way homeward, was discovered to be blind and helpless. He expired in half an hour after having eaten the last piece of bee bread. Search was then made for Isaiah, whom a neighbor had found and was met carrying him home blind and helpless. By the frequent use of salt and water, Isaiah and Henry recovered the next day, but not until their lives had been despired of. This should serve as a warning to all persons to be careful in eating honey taken from bee-trees.

    "This is a singular circumstance and worthy of scientific investigation."

Source: Scientific American, April 1, 1848, Page 282. A Google Book

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