Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Skillful Opponent

MR. P. H. WINSTON and Hon. H. A. Gilliam were for years leaders at the Bertie County (N. C.) Bar, and had each a full appreciation, from experience, of the skill of the other. At one term Mr. Winston was suddenly called away, and placed his business in the hands of his nephew Duncan Winston, a recent acquisition to the bar. "Now," said he, "Duncan, if Gilliam makes you any offer of a compromise, decline it. If you make him one, and you find he is about to accept it, withdraw it immediately.''

[Taken from The Green Bag, An Entertaining Magazine for Lawyers, Vol. 5; By Horace Williams Fuller, Sydney Russell Wrightington, Arthur Weightman Spencer, Thomas Tileston Baldwin, 1893. This is a Google publication.]

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