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Tarboro and Edgecombe County 

Business in 1862

            On August 22, 1889, The Tarborough Southerner published a list of business enterprises in Tarboro in 1862. According to the article, there were fewer businesses in 1889 but “those here now are larger and much better equipped and none have gone down except those run by the Confederate Government.”
            The population of the town was about 750-1000 and contained the following establishments:
     A Court House, Jail and Town Hall.
     A branch of the State Bank—Robert Bridgers , President: Russell Chapman, Cashier.
     One newspaper office, The Southerner published by Wm. Howard & Co.
     Churches—Episcopal church, Rev. J. Blount Cheshire, D. D. Rector; Methodist, Rev. J. S. Simpson, Pastor; Missionary Baptist, Eld. T. R. Owen, Pastor; Primitive Baptist—4.
      Tarboro Academy—Male Department, F. S. Wilkinson, Principal; Female Department, Miss M. E. Thom, Principal.
     Private School—Elder T. R. Owen and lady, principals.
     Hotels—Edgecombe House, Dr. Joseph H. Baker, proprietor; Tarboro Hotel, by Geo. Howard—2.
     Lawyers—John L. Bridgers and Lorenzo D. Pender—2.
     Physicians—Drs. Joseph H. Baker; Reuben Cobb; Benj. F. Halsey; J. Wesley Jones; A. H. Mcnair and W. T. McNair—6.
     Stores—Austin, Norfleet & Co.; Dowd-Brown & Co.; Dozier & Co.; Jacob Feldenheimer; Hart, Wimberley & Co.; McNair, Bro. & Co.; Hoskins & Scay; D. Pender & Co.; A. A. Willard—9.
     Drug Stores—Wm. Howard & Co.; A. H. Mcnair—2.
      Confectionaries—Seth S. Hicks; John H. Deigh; S. E. Moore; James M. Redmond—4.

Ad taken from The Tarborough Southerner (Tarboro, NC) 22 Aug 1889

      Milliners—Mrs. M. E. Bond and Mrs. Nancy Hunter—2.
      Jewelers—William Davison and Theo. Brown—2.
      Sadlers—Robt. A. Sizer and James M. Spraggins—2.
      Merchant Tailors—James Mehegan and David Neal—2.
      Coachmakers—N. M. Terrell and Williamson and Stewart—2.
      Cabinetmaker—John W. White—1.
      Carpenters—Wm. Burnett, R. B. Bassett, C. E. Bennett and John F. Ward—4.
      Painters—J. H. Allen, Wm. Bassett, Ed Zoeller and A. Sorg—4
      Boot and shoemakers—T. C. Hussey and Theo Lane—2.
      Bricklayers—Philip H. Garnett—1.
      Livery Stable—Robert H. Rowe—1.
      Bakery—Lawrence Whaley.
      Gunsmith—Julius Holtzscheiter.
      Blacksmith—Isaac Palmountain.
      Hydraulic Engineer—Michel Cohen.
      Tarboro Ranch Railroad—R. A. Watson, Conductor; Thos. Oberry, Ticket Agent.
       Express Office—Thos. Oberry, Agent.
       Steam, Grist and Saw Mill—Oberry & Dunn.
       There is also a water-proof cloth manufactory carried on by T. M. Cook.
       An oil cloth manufactory by David Pender.
       A whiskey distillery on an extensive scale, by Michael Cohen.
       A Confederate Cap manufactory in operation by F. L. Bond.
       A Soap and candle manufactory, by R. B. Bassett.
       And, a Cotton Seed Oil Mill, connected with the manufacture and repair of Agricultural implements and repa[i]ring of machinery, in a state of forwardness by James P. Smith.
       Lodges &c.—Concord Royal Arch Chapter; No 5, James Mehegan, High Priest—regular meeting third  Saturday in each month,
       Concord Lodge, No. 58, Baker Mabrey, Worshipful Master—meet third Saturday in each month.
       Edgecombe Lodge, No. 50, I. O. O. F. James A. Williamson, Noble Grand.

[The Tarborough Southerner (Tarboro, NC) 22 Aug 1889]

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