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.— There was a party in Northampton county, near Thomas’ store on the second, which several of our Weldon gentlemen attended. The party was large, the house hardly holding all who were present, and the ladies even exceeded the reputation which they have hitherto enjoyed. Everybody danced until sunrise and went home after breakfast. If we mistake not some of our young men left their hearts behind

Godey's Lady's Book October 1880

[Story taken from The Roanoke News (Weldon, NC) 8 Jan 1880, Page 3]

Injured by a Runaway.


   Selma, N. C., Jan. 1.—(Special.)—This morning while Messrs. H. D. Hood and W. H. Hare were out driving the horse became frightened and bolted, and in jumping from the buggy Mr. Hare sustained very painful injuries. Mr. Hood escaped with only a very slight shock.;drawing;illustration;art;1800s/

[News and Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) 2 Jan 1900, Page 1]

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PARLOR CAR —The Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad company has put on its road a handsome parlor car. It runs only between Portsmouth and Weldon. Mr. Ghio always consults the comfort and convenience of passengers over his road and he and his road are deservedly popular.

An early Pullman Parlor Car
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[Taken from The Roanoke News (Weldon, NC) 8 Jan 1880, Page 3]