Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A Warrenton Boy's Views.

The Henderson [Vance County] and Warrenton [Warren County] base ball clubs began a game of ball at Warren Plains last Thursday but for a reason which will be shown below the game was not finished. During the first three innings the Henderson Club's success seemed to be unlimited, but at the beginning of the fourth inning the Warrenton boys begn their work and at the close of the 6th inning the score being nearly even and the Henderson boys seeing their terrible defeat ahead of them outrightly refused to finish the game. After they refused to play the Umpire according to the rules of B. B. declared the game in favor of Warrenton.

[This story appeared in The Graphic, Ridgeway, Warren Co., NC, 7/17/1890. The story was published in The Connector, newsletter of Tar River Connections Genealogical Society in the Spring 2006 issue.]

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